Prettyshady two

With the proceeds from the first dvd, I bought a new video camera, rented a van and tried to make a DVD with as much french footage as possible. The trip did not work out, and the video was not so well received as the first one. 

The French riders I think were great, but the prettyshady audience was more interested in seeing the UK trails scene. Lima produced some great tricks when he and poll visited later in the year. That main line had a tricks jump at the end, and if you learned a trick you could then try it on the jump before the last. It was a great training ground.

Also lots of footage from the old bavaria line which at the time was the largest trail jump …. In the world. 

The feedback from prettyshady 2, created prettyshady 3, but the lifestyle I lived in france was so good I would end up staying in france and my bmx after 2007 never returned to English soil.

Section 1 – ? – Maybe I got the numbers wrong, go to section ‘2’.

Section 2 – Intro –
(This section sums up the whole video in 2 minutes 37 seconds.)

Section 3 – Introducing the french riders –
(Big budget names on the screen! Bertier with some wild tricks here.)

Section 4 – Greoux –
(A great set of trails, which were not fully running yet but I guess two locals, high standards and so many jumps it was a big job. I tried to have some none peynier footage but it was not easy.

Section 5 – Max –
(but the sounds had been copyright claimed, somebody put something in my drink.

Section 6 – grove –
(I guess I went all the way to grove and forced liam and pipe to do all their tricks. This creates a section which is not as natural looking as something filmed over a long period of time, relying on the tricks rather than location/scene changes to entertain the viewers. It is a very efficient way of getting stunts to video, and I can’t complain at all about the job done by the riders here. The park is wet and I probably don’t have my bike. )

Section 7 – english riders at peynier –
(There were two main trips, the first went horribly wrong. The second was super perfect. :/ )

Section 8  – lots of lima –
(although he states his name as any pollard the bikeshowmaster It is actually liam. Right into 4 roller manual and a mid section tuck no hander, this was 2005?
No footcan to 1fxup.
The reason why I turned up mid section was because I ran out of liam footage because we didn’t film at many locations. It was incredible to watch liam ride peynier, it was a second trip with himself and poll. He progressed so much it was a joy to watch, I had a lot of fun. Would he be able to go from grove box to 28 foot long (8.6 meter) jumps? The answer was yes)

Section 9 – last section –

(Prowler! I think this is good. And that’s it. )

There are some extra’s but it is just more peynier stuff. Will add later

Onboard, – pre gopro –
(Good memories for me, makes everyone else feel travel sick)