prettyshady Three

prettyshady Three was the third video, coming out at the end of the 2006 season.

01 – – Intro.

02 – – first real section and its Dan Maguire. Not a ‘trails rider’ rider so right in with a curve ball to throw the viewers off the expected path in the first section. 360 et to turndown on a regular trails jump, no flat landing or soft soil there. It was good fun and he actually thanked me for the video after he had seen it. lots of jamie mckechnie too. Jimmy from leatherhead was a ball of energy and way ahead of me on a bike. In this section he 360’s a jump I never 360’ed and I kept a notebook of 360’s I had done to keep count. One day at sandown jumps after 360ing a jump I told jimmy pratt I could add another to my list. He then 360’ed that jump, as well as others in the line that I had not done. A sick burn I never recovered from.

03 – – small lines section, because most videos would not bother including the smaller jumps at sets of trails. jimmy at leatherhead, he is such a dude. he was young when this was filmed, full of confidence and cheek. His single pedal run up. putting a mtb in a bmx video was something most bmx videos didn’t do.

I was at peyneir last sunday and so was a former greoux trails local vince, and the discussion on the run up was leatherhead. Vince said he visted leatherhead one summer and as soon as he walked in jimmy said, I remember you, I went to your trails in france years ago and your friend (blackjack) didn’t let me ride becuase of my mountain bike. .. but I will let you ride here.

In this section there is a clip of myself riding some jumps with lots of leaves on the floor, I don’t remember this day or location at all. somewhere in kent because scruffian ben is there. scruffian ben rode quite well here, close trains with out backing out.

04 – – churtsey section that is already on youtube.

05 – – jay alianos yard.

The first runs are all on different lines. That was one of the main goals of prettyshady, to show the run ups, all the jumps and even run outs, everything that was at the trails. Most bmx videos just showed the tricks.

The roller section here was beyond me, I had never really riden a bmx track before. It featured a bunch of rollers, a small jump, some more rollers including 4 called the tank, and then a hard to clear jump. I am not sure I ever attempted the line! Poll, filmed this session and you have to watch carefully to see all the different combo’s and ways over the rollers. each run is different and grew in difficalty as the session went on. amazing song, muse plug in baby. Quiet obviously chopped a section out and I didn’t do a great job as there is a noticable double note. Most videos would fade out a long song or add clips to fill the section to the song length, I tried to hide taking out parts of a song. Doing my best to keep the song’s rythum and structure intact. The last clip and many clips is scott edgworth, I’ve heard he does golf and turns up at mtb race events (2019) and wins.

06 – – spooks. trails outside of brighton

07 – – winchester, again every line filmed top to bottom as well as the locals riding their own lines. Each local was responsible for a line iirc. Very organised from Rory, he even has charts aof digging hours. Also much filming again by Poll. He did so much filming, driving, all sorts for me, others and was like a father to me.

08 – – Jon robinson. I have ridden with him a lot, plus he later spent some winter time riding peynier but I don’t know him that well. The intro music was taken from his very popular STF part, a joke that only I found funny. We didn’t film this section together, I just filmed him so much I had enough footage. The line at epsom didn’t have names so I colour coded them in order of difficulty like a ski run. A few years ago I went to epsom model train show, and afterward stopped in at the woods were the trails are. They are gated off so I could not go in, and jon was there like a big game zoo exhibit. great trails and a great dude.

09 – – more jumps. chilled. this is what summer was like for us in the mid 2000’s.

10 – – last section! that’s netley with the cash. There is some preasure in editing the final section. Song selection in particular, and then choosing the last ‘trick’ or kickout etc. I always wanted something a little wild and that big jump backline 3 was WILD. scary jump, made of solid chalk with nasty accident potential in every direction.

11 – – credits. I made this in a few minutes in microsoft movie maker.

Extras section. – needs to be edited, due to nudity…. plus its like 10 minutes and there are multiple nude bits.