The prettyshady website started in roughly 2004 by simon and myself.

We wanted a large scale multiple person community website that covered everything rather than having many individual websites. Importantly a website name which was not ‘bmx’. The actual ultimate goal was to let everyone post (we used various guest books), quite like modern social media, and have selected people approved for the front page.

The first dvd I created with out owning a video camera, at the end of 2004. It was sketchy but sold well.

Each year a new DVD was quickly made and put out, the second in 2005, third in 2006.

The last video was put out in 2009, by then youtube had done 720p HD and was on par with dvd’s and I had quit bmx.

prettyshady was then a rare trails oriented website when the major websites were doing street, so I kept it going at low effort until canyoudigit got fed up with my F1 pictures and made a good trails website. I sold prettyshady to someone who realllly wanted the name in 2013, and they used the name for about 5 years.

If you can buy prettyshady dot com back, do it and let me know.