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Prettyshady One (2004) is online.

Its embarrassing for me to see much of that…. but I have put it up for the riders.

If you wish to be edited out of anyclips, let me know.

please save your clips incase they get deleted by youtube. please feel free to use them.

Thank you everyone who made prettyshady one possible.

Pipe, and poll. Also mark from barend. bamber too.

also countless others, it was a great summer.

http://pshady.com/?page_id=1245 – links to every section.

Elite finals, les penne Mirabeau

Massive jumps, the first bumps in line one were completely random and I never got them smoothly.

line 3 was so steep and tight riders were getting ejected just riding it. Watch the leader casually triple manual twice in a row, and the rider who got up from a crash do jump jump at the end of that line.

I can blame my poor riding on Only getting 3 practice runs at the course, but give me 3 day, weeks, years and I won’t be at this level.

First bmx race for Tom and I

Since we have bmx bikes, and ffc cycling licenses I thought we could try bmx racing.

Just clips, Tom first, then two of my races.

Tom does cyclocross and his starts are a weak point as well as big bumps so learning bmx racing will help cyclocross. One of the local tracks has an old friend of mine running the classes so Tom and I did two practice days, and then there was a race.

when we got to the race we had no idea what to do, too late for practice Tom was signed up for race 8 and he had no number. His number was 66a and I went to a back of a van bmx shop and bought number 66a for his front and side plate. As we were sticking the last one on Tom heard race 7 was going so we ran. We got to the start hill zone and a lady confirmed toms race was in the gate. We ran up, Tom got in the gate with his coat on and it was race on

Tom had 4 heats against the same 7 other children and he was 8th every time. He won’t be bmx racing again but hope he does some more training as he is committed to more top cyclocross results.

when it was my turn, I had to buy some numbers and I figured out the pen system so I knew where to wait. The footage of my starts Tom filmed is hilarious how slowly I react compared to the others. Most people can gate start and throw their weight forward. I know that but honestly I am just trying not to put my foot down when in the gate!

the elite class was the race starting after mine and one of the riders was Pablo who rides peynier and is in the peynier posts below. He said I rode the course terribly and he wasn’t wrong! He gave me good tips and despite his race starting right after mine he still watched my race to help give advice which was kind. (Edit: also a former world champion)

Its one thing to ride a track solo but it’s another to be off your usual line with people to your side and blocking your view ahead. I enjoyed the challenge.

I was 5th each time and in my final and 3rd race I was smoother but 5th. The top 4 will require me to actually do a proper gate start.

next weekend there is a race at another track, I might go again to see if I can be bolder and do better.