11th February 2020

Time to get organised.

when our friend Alois passed away unexpectedly, there was one request from friends and family. Find old photos and videos. It is well known I took hours of video, and thousands of photos over the years, but when I looked I could not find much. New footage replaced old footage, and most my old hardrive were broken. Online content had been removed.

After 3 to 4 hours of hard seaching, I found a few photos, and a video section I filmed in ~2006.

The section was only two and a half minutes long, but summed up what Alois was all about, and was pretty banging for something done 14 years ago. It was a relief to find,  but also an alarming wake up call that I need to organise and preserve all that footage.

Its going to take a while, but it is starting now.